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How to survive in the cold:

When it comes to the winter months in the year, typically December through February and you’re stuck outside in the cold, you’re going to need to know how to survive and overcome the cold. Whatever the scenario is when it comes to the cold you need to prepare the same. Throughout this post, I will be going over the simple things that you can do to prepare to survive in the snow or just the sheer cold. Remember, as always, the sooner you prepare for all things, the better off you will be when the time comes to a survival situation.


Knowing the simple rules of the cold:

The cold is one of the most dangerous situations you can be in when it comes to a survival situation. You need to understand that there are different climates within the winter season and it depends on what part of the world you are in. For instance, if you’re in Flordia during the winter it would still be good to be prepared but your chances of freezing to death are slim. Compared to if you were in Montana or northern Idaho you need to be extra prepared because it gets below zero there. So the first step is knowing your terrain and the types of winter those areas produce. The second thing you need to remember is that the colder it is the more dangerous it is and the more easily it can kill you. Third, know what the main killers of the cold are. 1) Frostbite, 2) Hypothermia, 3) Hypoglycemia. If you can avoid these three problems you will have a better chance of surviving the cold.

Understanding Frostbite:

If you don’t know what frostbite is then it’s your time to learn because when it comes to surviving in the cold this is something you have to understand for survival. Frostbite is caused when your skin is exposed to the extreme cold and the water freezes within the skin cells of the body. The normal parts of the body that experience frostbite are the hands, feet, and the face. You can get it anywhere on the body if it’s exposed long enough. Your worst enemy when it comes to frostbite is the wind chill in the area you are in. The higher the wind chill the higher the chances for frostbite. (Wind chill is when the lowering air tempature is caused by the wind.) To explain it better refer to the chart below. The beginning stages of frostbite are called frostnip. That’s when you will not be able to feel certain parts of the body and they will turn different colors. These are the beginning stages of frostbite but you can still save the body part that’s being affected. For example, if its the tips of your fingertips that are exposed you’re going to want to put your fingers under your armpits because that is the warmest part of the body. If you can do this you will save your fingers and the nerves in them.

Knowing your resources:

The cold can be brutal and even deadly. To avoid serious situations that are between life and death you need to know what resources are around you. While trying to stay warm this is the first things you need to do when stranded in the cold. Look for resources such as the simple things in life you need to live such as food, shelter, heat, and water. If you can start a fire you can use it to boil down snow for fresh water. Depending on the terrain there are different shelters you can make such as a lean-to with a tree or if you have lots of snow, a snow cave works great if you can properly make one. Finding dry material to burn can be tricky in these situations, depending on the situation it can be easier than others.

Get out of there:

Last but not least to surviving in the cold is getting out of the cold. You need to get out of the situation your in at all cost, your life will depend on it. Your body can’t survive out in those kind temperatures without the proper winter gear. Without the proper gear, there is a good chance of hypothermia or frostbite. Your main goal is to find another person that might know their way around, look for a road or a trail that might lead you to safety, look for aircraft in the skies and try to warn them that you are stranded with something reflective of a smoky fire. If you do see and aircraft and they circle your position stay put where you are. When they circle like that it means they know your location and they will most likely call for help. It will be hard in a situation like that but find your way out or you might not be around for very long.

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–Written by: Daniel Lee (SoloPrepper) 5/11/2017