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Guns and Prepping:

This blog post will be dealing with guns and how they are a big part of being prepared in today’s world. There are so many situations and scenarios that if we had a gun it would change the situation for the better. There are no negatives to owning a firearm. Firearms keep you and your families safe from those that would be looting and killing during a crisis. Guns are a major political topic in the United States right now, but Solo Prepper is pro-gun and stands with the second amendment. I’m not here to discuss politics with y’all, but I’m here to go over the many benefits of owning a gun.

Why own a firearm?

Owning a firearm can help in many scenarios, especially when it comes to a life or death situation, but why own a firearm? There are so many benefits that a firearm can bring to you and your family. The main one is protection. You want to be safe at all times especially in a scary situation. A gun is one of the main things that is going to keep you protected. Another Benefit that firearms can bring you is a sense of security. It is so important to have a sense of security during a catastrophic event, sometimes your gun will be the only thing that will keep you from panicking and the only thing that brings you a clear mind so can focus on survival.

Where to start with Guns:

A lot of you reading this might own a gun, but for those that don’t, where do you start when you are making the decision to purchase a gun? The first thing to do is to research the guns laws in your particular state and to abide by those. Second, do research and watch reviews of the gun you are thinking about purchasing and make sure it’s everything you are looking for in a gun especially when it comes to self-defense and security. Your best places for purchasing the guns you are looking into will be the internet, gun shows, and gun shops. When it comes to home defense shotguns will be your best bet. For more out in the field agendas, assault rifles. When looking for concealment, a handgun.These will be the weapons of choice that will benefit you mostly when it comes to defense.

Becoming Familiar with your firearm:

You have found the gun that best fits your circumstances, so now what? It’s time to become familiar with it. Gun safety should be the number one thing on your mind whenever you are holding a gun or even looking at one. It’s critical to be trained by someone who knows guns inside and out so you can get that proper training and especially that safety training. Learn how to properly fire your weapon and begin target practice. The more target practice you have with your gun the better chances of hitting your target when it comes down to needing it in a real life defensive situation. Learn also how to take apart your gun and clean it properly. you don’t want to have all that training with your firearm for it to jam in a situation where you needed it most because of a dirty gun. Learn to take it apart and also put it back together. Those are your first steps to becoming a responsible gun owner.

Becoming the professional gun owner:

At this point, you are familiar with your weapon and know how to properly use it. Now it’s time to take it to the next step. To become a professional gun owner you will have to learn from the professionals. There are many different types of guns and professionals to go with them. For example, if you wanted to become a professional in active shooter scenarios you would contact an active shooter instructor. If you wanted to become as good of a shooter as a navy seal and learn their firearm tactics, you would contact a navy seal instructor or read books they have written. There is also a place that you can learn from some of the best gun instructors in the country. A free event, coming up, called The Dueling Gun Summit. This gun summit is a free event from October 24 – October 31st, 2016. There will be some of the biggest gun gurus from across the nation talking about specific gun topics with the host Tim Andersen CEO and founder of The Man It Up Academy. The goal is to educate people across the country on guns and everything about it.

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There is so much to learn about guns and I hope you can take something from this and apply it. Stay tuned on to learn more. If you thought this post was helpful in any way please leave a comment and please share on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Copy the URL above and post it to your social media. Thank you

Written by: Daniel Lee (SoloPrepper) 9/30/16