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Basics of Long-term prepping:

Preparing for a long term basis, one of the most difficult things when it comes to prepping. In this article, I will be going over a few basic things we can do to begin preparing for long-term survival. This will be a summary for this section so all the major details will be in the later post regarding long term prepping. Just know when it comes to long term prepping it takes patience, time, and money but in the end, it will be worth it.


If you your goal is to be an avid prepper and to prepare for long-term situations then the first thing you are going to need to do is to be financially prepared to purchase different long-term survival items. It all comes down to budgeting. If you want to prepare in a shorter amount of time you will put a larger percent from each paycheck towards prepping. If You want to make it a long term thing then take a small percentage out of your paycheck to purchase items. It’s up to you how fast you want to be fully prepared. Most people take their time when it comes to preparing for long-term situations. Be frugal with your money so you can be prepared for when the time comes.

Food Storage:

Once you figure out how much you wanna put towards long term prepping on a monthly basis, you most likely want to start off building up your food storage. Food storage is essential when it comes to long-term survival. Food storage is built up of your food supply and water supply. There are a lot of different food storage supply companies that you can purchase from. Another method for food storage is to collect canned foods with very long expiration dates. We’re not looking for high-quality meals but we are looking for the essential nutrients that are bodies need every day. For example, my father has a food storage built up of water, bags of pinto beans, and lots of bags of steel cut oats. He has many other things but those are the main things that make up his food storage. Food that lasts forever and that will give you the nutrition you need in troubling times, this is the food you want to have as your main source of food storage.

Home Defense:

Guns, Its a giant discussion in the United States right now. Without guns say goodbye to defending yourself. When it comes to a major catastrophic event do you want your house to be a gun free zone or a home defense barricade? I’m gonna go with a home defense barricade. Home defense is essential in a survival situation. There could be people looting and killing on the street so you want to be ready. Your best choice for home defense weapon will be a semi-automatic assault rifle or a handgun. If you purchase a handgun learn the concealed carry laws in your state and get one if you can, it’s good to always be prepared. If you have never shot a gun, learn. Go to you local shooting range and bring your own gun or rent one there and trainer yourself on gun safety and target practice because when the times comes you’re gonna be glad you practiced.

Home Essentials:

Once you have your finances in order, Food storage stocked up and home defense prepared then comes home essentials. What are home essentials? They are items that you should have to make life just a little easier for you during a crisis. There are many home essentials you should have but I will be going over a few today. Some of the main ones you should stock up on are toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, body wash, shampoo, a ham radio, tools and blankets. There are many things you can include but make sure to stock up on the most important things first. You won’t regret having those simple everyday essentials when it comes to a crisis.

As you apply these four tactics in your long term prepping you will be ready when the time comes. Finance’s, food storage, home defense, and home essentials are your start in long term prepping. Remember to take it slow. Preparing for long-term situations takes a while to prepare for. Be patient and practice different scenarios. You will be ready when the time comes. If you thought this post was helpful in any way please leave a comment and please share on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Copy the URL above and post it to your social media. Thank you

Written by: Daniel Lee (SoloPrepper) 9/7/16